dinsdag 25 mei 2010

CAC: Sea& Beach

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Klaartje zei

Geweldig! :)

johanna zei

ahhh, i always love these striped women with their umbrella :)

Anita zei

Schitterend Audrey!!!
Vooral die tekst beach babes maakt het helemaal AF!

Annes Art zei


Hermine zei


Yvonne zei

Waanzinnig leuke Beach Babes!
Groetjes van Yvon

Anoniem zei

Hi! Nice to meet you!
i'm now following your blog...your work is stunning! i love it all...esp. the last post..the marie antoinette!

great job...great vision! great talent!

come by and see me too sometime...

ciao bella
creative carmelina

peggy gatto zei

wonderful poster like piece, great design!

Anoniem zei

Hij is weer leuk Audrey!!!

Amy zei

I agree this is really fabulous..great color and cool images to make a sweet collage

Anneke zei

wat leuk is dit en zeker ook de tekst.
mooi collage!

Catharina Maria zei

Helemaal geweldig Audrey !
dikkerdjes , dus ....

LivArtNow zei

What a fun and fabulous card!! so many wonderful details. Well done!!!


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