dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

CAC: Men

Wanted: MEN!!

11 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei


http://truutske.blogspot.com zei

Wat 'n goed idee.
Fantastische kaart!!!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Excellent artwork...great card!

Cath Wilson zei

Great idea and what a lot of work in it. Superb!

Chris Arlington zei

wonderful artpiece. great collage.

Amy zei

what a cool collage of image's..love it

Kathy zei

Hee, hee, very neat card.

peggy gatto zei

this is over the top, great collage!

Hanne zei

Wow! This is so special! Love it!

Janny zei


Anoniem zei

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