vrijdag 2 mei 2008

Tag You're It: Moo Tag

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Anita zei


Anne zei

This is wonderful Audrey - you create the most beautiful works of art that are just a delight to gaze at! LOVE the gold embossing!

Thank You soooo much for playing along with us, it's greatly appreaciated! :o) xx

Heather Robinson zei

I'm always fascinated with your combination of elements. You have such talent! I really like the stained tag.

Sandy zei

Wow perfect. So stunning tag.

stampingbalou zei

Audrey - I love your tag - it´s great !

Sam zei

Great adaptation of the moo into the tag and love the gold embossing! Thanks so much for taking part again :)

Gillian .... zei

Love the background colour on this tag Audrey, love all the different elements too:)

Janny zei

What a lovely tag!

Dawn zei

Wow - stunning Moo

Anoniem zei

dit is een prachtige tag. schitterende combinatie van de materialen.

Sarah zei

How beautiful!

Kaz zei

Fantastic idea!! love it, love the colours you chose for all of this. it's just beautiful.

Mieke zei

Super mooi!!

Ang C zei


Hermine zei

De MO was al prachtig, maar dit si een super tag.

Sharon zei

Audrey, your work is an absolute pleasure to look at. :)

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