woensdag 26 september 2007

Wednesday Stamper Moo Cards

Leuk om deze Moo kaartjes te maken, de nieuwe challenge van Wednesday Stamper van vandaag!

46 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Wonderful, absolutly wonderful. Great images. Love it.

Anoniem zei

wow, i cannot believe how quick you all are!! these are gorgeous audrey

Mandy Chilvers zei

oh my goodness Audrey wonderful wonderful art!

Unknown zei

Prachtig Audrey. Heel erg mooi.

Andrea, zei

Wonderful, such fab images

bockel24 zei

These are really beautiful!

Anoniem zei

these are very very beautiful. i love them!

Claudia zei

Leuk hoe je de onderdelen over de rand hebt laten hangen!

Kathy McElroy zei

Wonderful cards.

Sija zei

Prachtig Audrey!

Anoniem zei

lovely !! can't wait to try those !

Hermine zei

Oh ze zijn weer prachtig.

Viola zei

Very, very beautiful!

Anoniem zei

Ze zijn geweldig, Audrey!

Dymphie zei

Super Mootjes Audrey!

Annes Art zei

Wowwwwwwwwww wat heb je weer prachtige dingen gemaakt!! super!!

Anoniem zei

great cards!

K zei

fantastic! love the images you used!

Paula J Atkinson zei

Totally fantastic & you fit all that into two tiny spaces.
What will you use them for?

Mieke zei

Super gaaf Audrey!!!

stamp and scrape zei

Both cards are outstanding - Gorgeous stamping, colours and design.

Klaartje zei

Mooi Audrey!

Barbara zei

Oh this are so lovely, I was going to say pretty but with the little boy image a better word is handsome.

Anoniem zei

great moo's you did here!

Evi zei


Anoniem zei

I love them - they are really gordeous...

Lisa Renéa zei

Beautiful. Fabulous images and background!

Anoniem zei

toll geworden

johanna zei

both are super!

Gillian .... zei

Oh .. these are both super:)

Anita zei

Mooi hoor!!! Wel leuk weer om te doen he.

Caroline Moore zei

These are great Audrey - great choice of colour and I love the how the fish looks like its wrapped around the card.

Crissi Harvey zei

Gorgeous love the images and the colours great work

Nancy Dooren ~ Nans zei

Wow!!! Mooi!!!

Nellie zei

Wat een beauties weer alletwee!!

atelierlemonfrog.blogspot.com zei

So lovely!!!

DianeHH zei

These are wonderful! I must get the crow image! Wow!

Maggie Ann zei

These are so beautiful....you have my admiration!

Anoniem zei

These are just abs beautiful!

Anoniem zei

Really fantastic.

Anoniem zei

Simply wonderful, love both - really great!!!

Angelina zei

Ze zijn super Audrey!

Kathi zei

Both are totally gorgeous. Great, great work.

~magic-sparkles-of art~ zei

so sweet

Karin zei

Gorgeous Moo cards

Seona zei

These are gorgeous!

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