zondag 2 mei 2010

SPA: Sewing

29 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

Stunning card.

Femmy zei

schitterend Audrey!!

Yvonne zei

Mooi geworden Audrey!
Groetjes van Yvon

Heavens2Betsy zei

Beautiful piece Audrey. I love the layout and the sentiment.

Silvia zei

Such a fantastic idea, great postcard.

vintage wil zei

Fantastic Audrey!!

Petra Tillmann zei

Wat een leuk idee om het kooitje te naaien. Prachtige kaart!

Ansota zei

Very creative!

Liesbeth zei

Geweldig mooi Audrey ! Een super idee en een prachtige achtergrond !

Hermine zei

Schitterend Audrey

Martina2801 zei

This is incredible, Audrey! I love everything about it.

Taluula zei

Excellent postcard Audrey.

indybev zei

This card is remarkable in its simplicity. Beautifully done!

Annes Art zei

Schitterend Audrey!!

DymphieM zei

precies goed, prachtig!

Daphne zei

Super leuk idee, om dat vogelkooitje te naaien!

peggy gatto zei

This has everything
a perfect balance and a joy to view!

johanna zei

great layout!! really love this!

Anoniem zei

Prachtig Audrey, wat een leuk idee!

Darlene zei

Precious postcard - great use of elements!!!

Rein zei

Prachtig Audrey!

Svenja zei

Wowwww! Your card is totally stunning. I love the way you caged the little lady in with your stitches. The composition is just perfect. Wow again.

Lynifyni zei

Dazzling card, Audrey!!! Love it! LynnF

Anoniem zei

Wow! Gorgeous postcard; admire your creative ideas.

Lucy zei

absolutely too sweet!! love it!

Jackie zei

This is a gorgeous postcard. I love its simplicity.

danit zei

Great takeoff on this subject! Very original.

Donna zei

Great idea, love the stitched cage :)

Cindy McMath zei

Audrey, this card is just wonderful - I completely missed out on visiting everyone's Sewing cards last week, but when I saw your card in the sampler I just had to drop in and let you know I think it is fantastic!

Cindy :)

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