zondag 30 november 2008

SPA: Winter Wonderland

14 opmerkingen:

Donna zei

Great postcard, thanks for playing :)

Femmy zei

prachtige kaart Audrey!!!

Anoniem zei

sehr schön

Anoniem zei


Kreativgeschwafel zei


Stempelchaotin zei

Gorgeous postcard.
Love them.

Anoniem zei

Prachtig Audrey!!!

indybev zei

What a wonderful vintage card, uniquely designed. I love it!

Kris Dickinson zei

What a gorgeous postcard!

KardKrazy zei

Audrey, this is stunning. Such a different and fantastic image.

J and Z zei

wonderful! I really like all your winter works!!!

Anoniem zei

Hi Audrey! Love your wintery artwork!
Alison x

Darlene zei

I love the mysterious look of your postcard!

Ozstuff zei

Wonderful card. I love the image you used.

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