maandag 22 september 2008

Gothic Arches: Favorite Movie

The Kite Runner.

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Evi zei

Ik heb hem nog niet gezien maar hij schijnt erg mooi te zijn?!
Mooie arch!

Kimmie zei

Love the color blue of your arch. The image is wonderful!

Mary-Beth zei

Your arch is terrific! I'm wishing I had seen this one.

Stempelchaotin zei

Wow wonderful arch.
Love them.

Virginia zei

Beautiful Arch..

herminesplace zei

Schitterend Audrey.

Heather Robinson zei

Oh Audrey, that movie is one of my favourites too! It is one that follows the book very well. You have given it a wonderful tribute focussing on the friendship between those wonderful little boys. The shape of the arch is perfect too!

Kristin Long zei

What a fantastic arch! I must see the Kite Runner- it must be awesome! Thank you so much for playing!


Ed zei

Beautiful your colours.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

That was such a beautiful movie (wonderful book too!) Your arch is fantastic, everything about it = super!!!

stamp and scrape zei

This is on my list of books to read. The shape of the arch is a perfect setting for your simply stated artwork.

Femmy zei

prachtige arch!!

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